Snowy Owl's Lair

3 Bed | 3 Bath | Living | Kitchen | Laundry | Office| Terrace | 3155 sqft

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Our Starter Set covers the essentials, including Architectural floor plans, 2D elevations, Window & door schedule, Foundation plan, and Roof plan. Perfect for planning. Credit may go to a our premium package.

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Premium Package for a comprehensive set, adding 2D Sections, Mechanical, Electrical & Lighting, Plumbing plans, and detailed framing, foundation, and general details. Customization is available for a design tailored to your unique vision.

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Architectural floor plans

  • Floor plan layout of the main level from architectural cabin design, showcasing the different areas of the house

    Main Level

    1 - Kitchen
    2 - Dining
    3 - Living
    4 - Pantry
    5 - Laundry Room
    6 - Master Bedroom
    7 - Master Bathroom
    8 - Bedroom 1
    9 - Bedroom 2
    10 - Bathroom 1
    11 - Bathroom 2
    12 - Foyer Freezeway
    13- Office
    14- Terrace

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  • Floor plan layout of the loft level from architectural cabin design

    Loft Level

    15 - Loft Area

    Custom project 
  • Project Overview

    Welcome to our unique 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom cabin spanning an impressive 3155 square feet—a perfect sanctuary for family retreats and memorable getaways.

    This cabin boasts an expansive open layout in the common area, seamlessly blending the kitchen, dining, and living spaces, all anchored around a captivating chimney. On the private side, discover two cozy bedrooms sharing a bath, alongside the luxurious master bedroom featuring its own ensuite bathroom.

  • + 3155 sqft
    + 95'L x 70'W
    + 3 Bathroom
    + 3 Bedroom
    + Kitchen
    + Living
    + Dining
    + Office
    + Laundry Room
    + Loft
    + Terrace

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Immersive Reality

Step into the future with our immersive reality technology! Dive into our projects before they're built, deciding crucial factors like interior design, materials, textures, and even customizing the layout. Your vision, brought to life before your eyes

Welcome to our unique 3-bedroom, 3-bathroom SNOWY OWLS LAIR cabin spanning an impressive 3155 square feet—a perfect sanctuary for family retreats and memorable getaways.


Kitchen view

Modern interior design

This unique kitchen design incorporates elegant touches of dark wood, highlighted by a rustic chandelier that serves as a focal point. It not only brings the family together but also offers a captivating perspective towards the entire common area, enhancing the overall charm and functionality of the space.

Living room view

Italian design inspired

The living room of this Nordic cabin embraces rustic charm, creating a cozy and inviting space perfect for gatherings by the fireplace. Its design seamlessly blends Nordic aesthetics with warmth, offering a picturesque view of the surrounding beauty.

Exterior VIEW

Exterior design

The Nordic cabin design adopts an L-shaped layout, with the office area situated at the back and connected to the foyer through a breezeway. The front section is dedicated to the common areas, including a terrace, a spacious living room, and a cozy dining area.

Master suite view

Owners retreat

The master bedroom, graced with a vaulted ceiling, offers a complete and luxurious experience within the barndominium. An open window positioned in front of the bed provides a delightful view to wake up to each morning. Adding to the overall elegance of the interior design, the closet features smoked glass, lending a touch of sophistication to the space.

Design made easy

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