Terms and conditions

Thank you for choosing The Hut Company and for your support as a valued customer. We want to ensure that you have a clear understanding of our business practices and policies. Please review the following information:
  • Shipping Policy for Digital and Physical Goods
  • Return Policy for Digital and Physical Goods
  • Licensing, Copyright, and Additional Terms

Shipping policy

Digital Goods

Shipment processing time

All orders are processed immediately and delivered to you as a personalized and trackable download link via email within minutes of your transaction.

Shipping rates & delivery estimates

There are no shipping charges for digital goods.

Customs, Duties, and Taxes

Hut is not responsible for any customs and taxes applied to your order. All fees imposed during or after shipping are the responsibility of the customer (tariffs, taxes, etc.).

International Shipping Policy

Hut digital goods are available globally, but our plans are currently only in the English/Imperial sysyem of measurement. (Metric system can be provided under a custom order)

Return & Refund Policy

The following are the terms and conditions that constitute our return and refund policy for digital goods

Why are there no returns or exchanges on digital products?

Due to the nature of this product, a digital download, we don't offer refunds because you would still retain it after the fact. Simply, It can’t be damaged, it lasts forever, and you can’t send it back.

Licensing Agreement, Copyright Declaration, and Additional Terms

Standard Licensing Agreement

Our residential plans come with licensing terms and conditions, reflected here, and additionally on the plans themselves. Here’s what the Standard Residential License allows for:

  • The Hut License grants the purchaser a non-transferrable license to utilize the plans to inform the construction of the structure depicted only in plans purchased
  • You are licensed to use the plans to create one structure depicted in the purchased plans in a residential context (non-commercial).
  • This standard license does not extend to real estate, hospitality, and other commercial developers or entities. For all developer licensing inquiries please contact hello@thehut.company

  • You may not resell, license, sub-license or freely distribute your purchased plans. Hut reserves the right to seek legal redress if a customer resells, licenses, sin-licenses or otherwise distributes the digital plans.

You can:

  • Build one cabin based on the plans you’ve purchased.
  • Build more than one cabin, if you purchase another plan/license.
  • As a non-commercial entity, you can freely rent this cabin on Airbnb.
  • You may modify or manipulate the plans. You may combine the plans with other works and make a derivative work from it. The resulting works are subject to the terms of this license.
  • This is a 'single-use' license, which means you may use it once, in a single project.

You cannot:

  • Re-distribute the images from plans or its source files, regardless of any modifications, under any circumstances. In other words, you cannot replicate or make modifications to the item and sell it as your own.
  • Use the standard license we extend to our typical customers as a hotel, real estate developer, or other commercial entity.

Copyright Declaration

All plans listed on this site are protected by U.S. copyright laws. Unauthorized reproduction, sale, or transfer of plan images contained on this site or any other work produced herein is a violation of these laws. These laws allow the copyright holder to recover damages of up to $100,000 per offense.

All content, graphics, and other data stored on this website not expressly stated as being from another source are copyrighted 2022 by Hut.

The content of this website may not be reproduced in any form without the express written permission from Hut. It may not be sold for profit or included in any type of archive (commercial or private) without the consent of Hut. Failure to abide by these rules may result in legal action. Permission is hereby granted to download and view any material for personal, non-commercial purposes and to create hyperlinks to the top-level (home page) of this website.

Additional Terms

1. Hut has prepared these documents to meet generally accepted professional standards and practices. However, they have been designed without any knowledge of, or reference to, the licensee’s specific site or geographical location. Specific site conditions may vary and include but are not limited to such things as:

  • Frost Depth
  • Soil Bearing Capacity
  • Seismic and wind zones
  • Etc.

In addition, local code requirements may vary for issues focusing on life-safety requirements such as stair width, stair rise and run, egress windows and smoke detectors, etc.

The strength of materials (e.g. lumber) available may vary. Therefore, supplemental to these documents it is the licensee’s responsibility to consult with his or her chosen builder, local building department and a structural engineer to determine that these documents meet all current federal, state/provincial and local codes, ordinances/bylaws and regulations, etc. and are appropriate to specific site conditions. Compliance with such requirements shall take precedence over these documents.

2. Any use of this information without adaptation to changes in codes, standards, site conditions and other factors is at the licensee’s sole risk. Hut assumes no responsibility for changes made to these plans by others and makes no warranties, either expressed or implied, in the use of these plans. The licensee agrees to defend and indemnify Hut for all claims, costs, loses or damages resulting from the use of these documents.

3. Before starting construction, it is the builders responsibility to check all dimensions and details, and verify conformance with governing code requirements for the geographic area in which the house is to be built. All structural, mechanical and electrical requirements shall also be reviewed before construction begins. Codes govern over drawings and dimensions govern over scale. Please notify Hut or any dimensional discrepancies.

4. Hut has not been engaged for construction supervision of any kind and assumes no responsibility to ensure that construction conforms to these plans, not has any responsibility for construction means, methods, techniques, sequences, procedures or safety precautions in connection with the work. Hut disclaims any liability for negligence by builders, misuse or misunderstanding of the plan by builders, or defective materials used by builders.