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Starter set

Why purchase the Starter set

What details and drawings does the starter set include?

The starter set HUT package includes comprehensive architectural floor plans, four elevations, one cross-sections, a foundation plan, and a window and door schedule.

What can I use my starter set for?

Contact your HOA, City, and Contractor by sending them your plans for approval, quotes, and to gain a general understanding of your project. When you're ready to move forward with building, upgrade to our premium package.

Is it possible to apply my starter set purchase as credit towards upgrading to the premium package?

Yes, you can use your starter set purchase as credit towards upgrading to our premium package.

Premium set

Why go Premium

What is included in the premium set?

The premium set includes the starter set plans, along with foundation, sections as needed, kitchen millwork plans, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (no engineering calculations included), roof plan, framing plan, measurements plan, general details and notes. Site plan is not included. It comprises foundation plan, elevations, sections, floor plan, window and door schedule. Additionally, it comes with unlimited consultations.

Why do you offer unlimited consultations?

We provide unlimited consultations to keep track of and ensure the quality of the project. If revisions are needed, we'll make any necessary adjustments to the plans and continuously improve our way of work. During these consultations, feel free to ask any questions you may have about the process and plans—we are here to assist you.

What can I use the premium set for?

The Premium Set empowers you to build your project from scratch. With it, you can collaborate with your contractor while our engineers work on calculations using our original DWG file. The Premium Package is designed to help you develop your project from inception to completion.

Custom set

Why custom

Can I customize my HUT plan to better suit my preferences?

Certainly! Our plans are crafted with flexibility, allowing you to customize them to suit your preferences and requirements.

Customization can be done in-house for an additional fee, or you can take charge using the original DWG files included in our premium sets. Schedule a free consultation with us for more details and guidance.

How can I customize my HUT plans?

Customizing your plans is straightforward. Reach out to us at hello@thehut.company. Our team is eager to help you make adjustments, ensuring your HUT cabin perfectly reflects your vision.

Can I customize the foundation of my HUT?

Absolutely! If you'd like to integrate a different foundation system into your plan set, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. Alternatively, you can also coordinate with your contractor to explore the easiest process for making this adjustment. We're here to assist you


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What is your return and exchange policy for HUT plans?

Please review our comprehensive return and exchange policy on our website to understand the specific details regarding returns and exchanges for HUT plans.

Where can I find the terms and conditions for purchasing HUT plans

You can find detailed terms and conditions regarding the purchase of HUT plans on our website . We recommend reviewing them before making a purchase.

What is your privacy policy regarding the use of my personal information?

We prioritize your privacy. By visiting TheHut.Company, you are accepting the practices outlined in our Privacy Notice. We're committed to using your information respectfully, and you can find more details on our website.