How to get started

We've Simplified the Design Process


Find your ideal design

Explore our collection of 10+ unique designs

  • Choose a couple of designs you like
  • Determine the square footage that suits your needs and lot
  • Purchase the starter set to get acquainted with your chosen project

Make sure the chosen design suits your land and budget

  • Confirm your project aligns with HOA guidelines
  • Ensure it suits your lot's specifications and restrictions
  • Verify the size and style are within your budget

Confirm your design fits your budget

  • Connect with local lenders to explore available options
  • Keep in mind we offer credit free options for our starter and oremium packages
  • Gain clarity on your budget

What will you receive

Receive detailed construction drawings to obtain initial cost estimates from builders and facilitate discussions with permitting offices. The package encompasses floor plans, elevations, window and door schedules, complemented by an explanatory extent brochure showcasing your design.


Find your builder

Identify reliable local builders

  • Seek recommendations from friends and family
  • Inquire with recent homeowners about their experiences
  • Search online for reviews and testimonials
  • Request references directly from builders

Compare pricing and assess interest in working with you.

  • Review prior work of potential builders with similar projects
  • Ask for rough pricing based on the Starter Plans
  • Confirm timing and project management style
  • Assess their customer service

Submit your starter set to the HOA and city office

  • Search for your local building department online.
  • Follow their guidelines and process to get feedback.
  • Collaborate with the builder and an engineer to make sure this project is ideal for you

How the Hut helps

  • Assistance with two one hour consultations included in the starter set
  • Gain confidence in the process
  • Get help with any questions you might have


Upgrade to a full design set

Decide on a design

  • Finalize design and size within budget constraints
  • Utilize builder estimates for ideal square footage calculation
  • Choose the final design based on size, budget, and style
  • Purchase the Premium Plan so you can start developing your project

Get specific estimates

  • Arrange a site survey for sitework assessment
  • Obtain an even more detailed breakdown of pricing
  • Map out the project and confirm milestones with the builder

Secure financing and break ground on your dream home with the builder's bid

  • Share the detailed pricing estimate with your lender
  • Finalize financing and give the green light to the builder
  • Witness the beginning of your dream house construction!


The help you need,

when you need it

  • High-end designs

    Experience top-notch service; we're committed to your progress, ensuring a smooth process comparable to a professional's. Count on us to answer any questions, making your journey enjoyable

    Shop designs 
  • Unlimited consultations

    Enjoy unlimited consultations included in our premium package, ensuring we're with you every step of the way, ensuring your project's success. We're here to support and see your vision come to life

    Free consulation 
  • Email us

    If you're not ready for a consultation or plan purchase, reach out via email for answers to your questions. We respond within a day, ensuring you're well-assisted for a smoother process.

    Get help 
  • Custom projects

    If you can't find a design you love, we're here to create one for you. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best possible design tailored to your budget and needs